Christine Dudgeon, Indexing and Proofreading


You've written your paper, it's all ready to print and send out. But first it needs once last check with fresh eyes. There could be a few errors that you've missed because you've read it too many times. Also, when going from a text document to the designed page, whether a newsletter, a book, or a report, there is the potential for the formatting to cause minor problems — a line could be missing from the bottom of the page, the table that should be on page 3 has moved to page 5...

Proofreading is the final check of material that is ready to publish. It is done once all the editing and formatting is complete. Your final draft is checked for minor errors such as spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, conformity to the style sheet, and errors introduced at the design stage.

See my Recent Projects page for some of my work.

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